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    How to remove the network adaptor of a VM from VCloud

    NikhilPathak Novice

      For removing the network adaptor on VCloud, i am trying below commands.

      $nic0 = Get-CIVM -Org "ID14434-*" | Get-CINetworkAdapter

      Remove-NetworkAdapter -NetworkAdapter $nic0 -Confirm:$false


      But it fails with an error


      Remove-NetworkAdapter : Cannot bind parameter 'NetworkAdapter'. Cannot convert the "Network adapter 0" value of type "VMware.VimAutomation.Cloud.Impl.V1.CINetworkAdapterImpl" to

      type "VMware.VimAutomation.ViCore.Types.V1.VirtualDevice.NetworkAdapter".

      At line:1 char:39

      + Remove-NetworkAdapter -NetworkAdapter $nic0 -Confirm:$false



      Now when i try to remove it from VCenter using below command, it removes the NIC but  the network adapter still appears on VCloud


      $nic0 = Get-VM -Name "NEUTRALNODE-Lo5l" | Get-NetworkAdapter

      Remove-NetworkAdapter -NetworkAdapter $nic0 -Confirm:$false



      Not sure if we have something similar to Remove-CINetworkAdapter