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    6.5 u1 to 6.7 u2 Upgrade help...

    Paulk99 Novice

      Hi All


      Planning an upgrade here from 6.5 u1 to 6.7 u2

      Each vCenter currently has one external PSC. There is no Linked mode, and No vCenter HA.


      It seems, if the PSC is embedded the process is really rather straightforward (lots of You-Tube vids etc).

      However not very much out there guiding through and showing any caveats around a deployment with an current external PSC.


      We would like to integrate the PSC and bring it back to embedded as vMware have now depreciated the external PSC type deployment.

      I assume this is undertaken during the upgrade "Part 2" Data Migration.


      Are there any additional steps required in the upgrade process when an external PSC is in use. (traditionally you would normally need to upgrade the PSCs first surely but not much mention is made of this as a requirement...?) 


      Ive read the upgrade guide (several times now)



      But there are so many topology s and deployment types discussed i just cant identify what i am looking for !!

      Perhaps im reading too much in to it and it is as straightforward as per an upgrade with a currently embedded PSC and the process is just the same.


      Any links or feedback really appreciated