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    VSAN 2 node stretch cluster Database for vEsx questions?

    singhraj Novice

      Hi to all,



      we're evaluating 2-node 6.7 Vsan stretched  deployment where nodes have the following disk configuration each:



      i have 1tb ssd on which  i had created vmfs datastore and deployed vcenter , dc, dns, dhcp also i configured Compute and Management cluster on each physical host also i have witness node

      Note: both physical host have 96 gb memory and two 1gig network card



      1st  Physical  host : 1st vSan cluster have vSanDatastore  : 3x 500 ssd = 950 GB performance

                                                                                                       3 x 4TB Hhsd = 10.5 tb capacity 



      In this cluster i would like deploy three Virtual Esxi hosts with (1x500 and 1x4tb Hhsd ) or assign  each vESXi host 300 gb ssd and 300 tb hhsd

      my question is vSanDatastore is on physical host  how to divide and assign storage to all three Virtual Esxi hosts.



      2 nd physical host:  same configuration and same question