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    vCenter Server 6 strange issue with independent disks

    MUGAdmin Lurker

      Hi there,


      we're having a strange issue with independent disks that appear in VMs.

      E.g. in VM MUGDC01 might appear an additional disk from a totally different VM e.g. from the Exchange Server.


      We recognized the issue only because Veeam B&R was complaining about independent disks, that could not be backed up.


      Currently we're having at least 4 VMs where this problem occurs. We could find no pattern so far or reproduce or understand, why this independent disks appear.


      All disks reside on the same datapool and all VMs reside on the same production server. We're running vSphrere 6.5.0 Update 2 (Build 9298722).

      Veeam keeps complaining and skips these VMs until we manually delete the independent disk(s).


      In at least one case, three disks appeared in Windows 2016 Server standard diskmanagment as not initialized disks.


      This is way to strange and way to spooky for us. But maybe anyone here can give us a hint?




      PS: attached you find a screeshot of one appearance of one independent disk from a totally differend VM