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    cannot connect to host wifi

    rayg61559 Lurker

      I created a new virtual machine and installed it and it works good,  but I cannot get it to bridge to the hosts wifi adapter.  I went to the vmware file, vmnetconfig.exe and set it up to bridge to my Qualcomm wifi adapter but when i start the virtual machine it does not take affect, no wifi adapter.  Anyone have a solution for this issue?  Thank you in advance, this site has saved me multiple times!!

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          I think when you bridge your virtual NIC to a physical wifi adapter, it does not mean you see your wifi adapter inside the guest OS.


          Instead, you see a normal virtual NIC. You set up the virtual NIC to use either DHCP or fixed address depending on the AP settings.


          Actual wifi connection is handled by the host OS. Network bridge merely acts as a gaffa tape between the virtual NIC and the physical wifi adapter.


          Hope this helps.