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    Horizon on Thin Clients w/ Blast

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      We're a Horizon 7.3.2 shop (soon to be Horizon 7.8), that is trying to move to Blast as our protocol standard. We utilize Wyse 5010/5070 terminals (ThinOS), and are deploying a Horizon 4.8 PKG to them. That's what enables Blast on them.


      Our deployment site is about 1,000 terminals (we have 5,000 in total), that all started using Blast last week to connect to a Windows 10 linked clone pool. 'm a bit sensitive about hearing any random sporadic issues, as my first thought is "hmmm I wonder if it's because they are Blast now?", and I get a little OCD about it. I mainly started this thread to hear anything from people who have moved on to Blast, preferably but not exclusively with thin clients, and any experience/tips/suggestions you may have. We did NOTHING to modify the environment in anyway for Blast from the Horizon/AD/GPO side of things. We literally just said ok pools, you're Blast now and not PCoIP.


      Are network is pretty robust. The onsite terminals connect to VMs in our data centers sub millisecond and only about 10 miles apart.


      I plan on posting a similar question to Dell counterparts as well, since that would cover the ThinOS side of the equation.


      Thanks in advance.

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          We also originally started with PCoIP 3+ years ago and in the last year and a half migrated completely over to Blast. We had basically no issues converting over. The end users really only noticed that the resizing of the welcome screen upon connecting was faster on Blast, otherwise no one cared or noticed. We had maybe two users that complained about the blurry text in Office products (Needed the H.264 High Color Accuracy checked) and they were fine.


          We use a mixture of old Lenovo desktop hardware thin clients (Stratodesk linux) and HP branded thin clients. No issues with Blast.


          I do think that Blast is a little more heavy on CPU consumption when the desktops don't have vGPU's attached. (task workers, etc).

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            Thanks a lot for the feedback. Quick question: where is the H.264 High Color Accuracy setting? I'm not sure we're seeing the issue, but, I'm going to take a look. Is that in the ADMX?