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    Workstation 14 Returns EFI Network Start PXE over IPv4 When Installing New Win10 Guest O/S

    jaydub222 Novice

      I upgraded from Workstation 12.5 to 14, only to determine I can no longer create a Win10 guest on either Linux or Win10 hosts.  When I attempt to create a new machine and power it on to load the Win10 DVD install disk, I get "Unsuccessful>>>>EFI Network Start PXE over IPv4.  From reading the forums, I gather the virtual machine can't find the boot disk and so is trying to boot from a network.  Nothing has changed on my computer since uninstalling Workstation 12.5 and installing 14.  No bios changes, no hardware changes, no settings changes no nothing.  My host computer is Kaby Lake 7700K and my host O/S disk is MBR with CSM enabled.  My host O/S disk is formatted as such so that I can natively boot to Linux and Win10 using Terabyte BootIt Baremetal.  Having said all that, the only delta in the equation is uninstalling 12.5 and installing 14.  On 12.5 I had no problem creating Win10 guests under Linux and Win10 hosts.  I will also say that with Workstation 14, I successfully created a Linux guest under both Linux and Win10 hosts.  So, there isn't any setting in my computer that is at issue.  Any idea what the deal is?  Seems like I may have to uninstall 14 and revert o 12.5 if there is no solution.  Bummer.