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    Trigger Alarm on MKS Event - why is this not working?

    rjs74 Novice

      OK, so I'm trying to get an alarm to trigger and send an email notification when one of a group of VMs acquires an MKS ticket (i.e. someone opens a console session on the VM). I've defined an alarm on the VM folder, along the following lines:



           VM acquired MKS ticket


           Trigger the alarm and - Keep the target's current state


           Send email notifications - enabled - populated Subject/Email to as necessary


      Alarm is enabled.


      The problem is, this alarm never seems to get triggered. If I open up a VMRC session on one of the VMs, I see the MKS event, but I do not see the alarm trigger or receive the email notification.


      What am I missing here? TIA.



      Notes: Using VCSA 6.5U2. I can get other alarms to trigger and send email notifications successfully.