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    Error in (Dynamic Script Module name : vim3WaitToolsStarted#28) Timeout: Timout waiting for tools to be started on a running OS

    AyusmitaDas Lurker

      we are in vRA and VRO of version 7.5.(upgraded on Feb-2019). On Jul11, the compatibilty and Vmware versions were upgraded to 11 and 10249 to match the Vcenter version of 6.5.

      We use to update our Windows Templates with the lastest patch always (above was the recent change). So when we test the template bu provisioning a VM , this provision Fails in the Add/Extend Disk phse of vRO with the subjected error.


      Please help me is this something related to the recent changes done in the Vcenter side , or this is a vRA/VRO error. if its the latter , request to give a solution for the same.