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    ESXi "Not responding"

    Dreher_Bonfim Lurker

      In my environment, I have 3 clusters, the problem I am facing occurs only in one of these clusters.
      Some hosts are sometimes "Not reponding" statuses, the VMs are available on it, but the
      management is unavailable. I can access via SSH on the host but it keeps crashing the operating system, I can not see
      the vmkernel.log ... The host only returns to normal when a restart is executed, but will generate unavailability of the VMs and services.
      I can not access the host through vsphere client.
      What can I do to restore the management interface without impacting the VMs?

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          Sureshkumar M Expert

          This is because your hostd agent is often going to not responding state due to some reason on that cluster. You have to check the hostd log with that particular timestamp to get more information  on why the hostd is unresponsive.


          do you have the hostd logs ? Please attach here and provide us the time stamp of the issue.

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            Dreher_Bonfim Lurker

            I can not even list the files ...


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              Amin Masoudifard Expert

              Did you check is there any problem in your DNS infrastructure probably? I told this because you lose access to your hosts suddenly and restarting the host will solve the problem. Did you ever try to restart management network or management agent before directly restarting ESXi?

              But really i didn't understand what happened to vmkernel.log file, is that corrupted or something else? or you have the file but cannot find any error about this problem?

              and tell me about the physical servers (vendor, type, model) and version of ESXi?

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                Amin Masoudifard Expert

                Maybe you changed default path of log files manually or with Host Profiles before it, please check advanced settings: Syslog.global.LogDir or with running esxcli system syslog get Is there any file?

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