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    Vcenter backup and restore

    mkbachhu Lurker



      We are backing up our vcenter appliance with embedded database on Rubrik backup tool. Its a VM based backup. We have to test our environment by restoring the vcenter server from the backup keeping my running vcenter as it is.


      Can i assign different IP address to restored vcenter when the original vcenter is up and running?

      What will be the impact on existing environment?

      Will i be able to see my clusters and hosts on the restored vcenter if i assign new IP to restored vcenter? Please provide your suggestions on how to test my environment by restoring the vcenter without impacting my existing vcenter?.


      Let me know if there are any options to test restored vcenter without impacting my running vcenter.





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          anvanster Enthusiast

          I can think of few ways to test your vSphere backup.


          1. Deploy VCSA from backup, do not power on. Connect directly to the ESXi host (which runs existing VCSA) through Web client. Disconnect network from the main VCSA. Start VCSA from a restore, assign same IP address to it. You might see couple of warnings when it starts but they will disappear.

          2. Yes you can assign different IP to your VCSA VM, but only in case you used a FQDN during installation. Your DNS server should have an entry for the VCSA VM. In this case, after deploying VCSA from backup and assigning a new IPA, just create new DNS entry pointing to this new IP. You might need to regenerate SSL certificates because of IPA change. This done through VCSA CLI.

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            mkbachhu Lurker

            Hi Anvanster,


            Thank you so much for your inputs, i will try to test the VCSA with your steps and let  you know if i have any issues.