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    Workstation 15.0.4 Pro Crashing with svga unrecoverable error when monitor disconnected

    dhendo Novice

      I'm running Workstation 15.04 build-12990004 on Win10 host, with a Ubuntu 18.04 guest.
      I normally run with three external monitors, connected via a Dell D6000 dock (which integrates DisplayLink technology).


      If I leave the VM running, disconnect form my main dock, plug into a meeting room dock (which has a D6000 connected to a single monitor), then disconnect from the dock, Workstation reliably crashes with the following error:


      VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (svga)
      VERIFY bora\devices\svga\svgaDXView.c:448



      Display settings has Accelerate 3D graphics checked (seems to make no difference to the crashing).


      I've collected support data, if you let me know where to put it.