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    Catalog Import v5.1.0 deletes all variables, UI policies, etc.

    Neowulf Lurker



      I didn't see another topic on this. If I missed it, my apologies and maybe there's a simple fix to this.


      I've got the v5.1.0 plugin installed in our SNow development environment (followed the installation document). I registered the vRA instance and imported the catalog and it was all good. Had some issues with UI policies in the VRA portal. Figured out that the catalog import sets a "catalog_variable" on the  UI Policy action to the name of a variable (i.e. cpu, memory, etc), but the out of box creation of a UI policy action sets the name to "IO: (SysID for the variable)". The widget tries to match the catalog_variable field to the name of variable in order to get the Mandatory/Visible/Read-only flags (which fails with the SysID).


      When I clear the "Catalog Import Last Run Time" and hit the "Import Services and Catalog Items" button, everything attached to the catalog items is deleted and recreated including variables, UI policies, and catalog client scripts. Fair enough, it's basically a full pull. Not ideal, but understandable.


      I had our Virtualization expert modify the blueprint in vRA and hit the "Import Services and Catalog Items" button, everything on the modified blueprint is still deleted and recreated.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to do a differential import? Deleting variables is not good.