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    Custom property '__clonefrom' cannot be from predefined custom properties [vRA 7.6]

    aenagy Hot Shot

      I have a property definition for "__clonefrom" which calls a vRO action based on some inputs, i.e. this value is not directly user selectable. This property is added to an IaaS blueprint through a property group. After entering data to all of the input fields this property ("__clonefrom") value is valid. When I submit the request I get the error:


      #<request number> - Provision <name of blueprint>


      The following component requests failed:

      RHEL. Allocation request [

        Composition RequestId: [c7895cc6-47de-4686-a5f6-215cf841ddef],

        CompTypeId: [Infrastructure.CatalogItem.Machine.Virtual.vSphere],

        BlueprintId: [<name of blueprint>],

        CompId: [RHEL],

        BlueprintRequestId: [4d535fea-ea03-425a-a388-a3847df02df7],

        RootCafeRequestId: [c120670c-cbec-46e8-924d-755d885f8a71],

        SubtenantId: [076500b0-c051-4a37-afa7-28c167bbee3f]

      ] with binding id [a02c0279-1c8e-4985-a14f-9894e763f648] failed with [Custom property '__clonefrom' cannot be from predefined custom properties].


      Previously I had a property definition for "clonefrom" which called the same vRO action and behaved correctly but the resulting request used the incorrect template.The reason for using "__clonefrom" instead of "CloneFrom" (Custom Properties C ) is due to the fact that I found references to "__clonefrom" in the post clone workflow payloads that are executed.


      Why is this error being generated and/or how to I specify which template to use when cloning?


      Thanks in advance.