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    vRealize Orchestrator 7.6 - major issue

    bdamian Hot Shot

      I was testing the new vRO 7.6 and beyond the change of "spirit", I've found an issue that makes it almost impossible to use: all variables of "object types" don't show the name of the values selected.


      Create a new workflow and set a variable of type "VirtualMachine"

      Now edit and select a virtual machine to be stored in that variable

      Now you can see the VM name in the "Edit Variable" screen:


      But, once you click Save, the name of the virtual machine (and other "object types") is no longer visible.

      Even if you edit the variable again:


      Same behavior with Configuration files. And it get worse if you set an array of objects because you cannot edit that list to replace some values.


      Hope this can be solved soon.

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          iiliev Champion
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          I checked it in my environment and got the same result (will check with UI team whether this is a known issue with the new client or not). For sure need to be fixed ASAP.


          For singular variable, could you try to 'expand' it by clicking on the 'greater than' sign on the left of the variable name? It should display all of the variable's properties; hopefully the name will be readable there.


          As for array variables - you can actually edit the items in the list, if you click on the variable name, and in the shown dialog select the checkboxes on the left of the items. The hard part is to figure out which of the items are the ones you want to edit when all of them look the same [object type]

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            Andre24680 Novice

            any updates on that one?

            We have the same issue and an open case with VMware support - waiting for nearly a week now to get some info ....

            HF1 hasn't changed anything.

            Been a few month now.