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    API: Post in Simplified User Interface and not in the Advanced one

    jdemierre Lurker



      I'm running the latest version of NSX-T 2.4.1 and I have some troubles using the REST API.

      I've just upgrade from the version 2.3.1 so all our Networking and Security parameters are now in the Advance User Interface.

      I'm migrating everything in the Simplified User Interface. It's recommended by VMware and beautiful dashboards are available there


      I want to create my new nat rules faster using the REST API.

      Everything is working (the rules are created) but my rules are only available from the Advance User Interface.

      I want from the API that the rules are created in the Simplified User Interface.

      Is there a parameter in the request to do so ?


      Thank you in advance for your help.




      POST https://<nsx-manager>/api/v1/logical-routers/<logical-router-id>/nat/rules


      "action": "NO_SNAT",

      "match_source_network": "10.x.y.z/16",

      "match_destination_network": "",

      "logging": true,

      "display_name": "Allow-1",

      "enabled": true