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    vcenter role

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Log-Insight/4.8/com.vmware.log-insight.getting-started.doc/GUID-6BE8B594-D5B8-40C5-875A-E8FAFDA43CF3.html

      Topic Name : Getting Started for vRealize Log Insight

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      what privledges does vrli user need in vcenter

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          Read only should be enough and you can check additional information in the following link: Minimum Requirements


          To pull events, tasks, and alarms data from a vCenter Server, you must provide a set of user credentials for that vCenter Server. The minimum role required to register and unregister vRealize Log Insight with a vCenter Server is Read-only. The role must be set at the vCenter Server level and propagated to child objects. To configure ESXi hosts that a vCenter Server manages, vRealize Log Insight requires additional privileges.


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            Thanks for the response.

            I was looking for what was needed to configure ESXi hosts that a vCenter Server manages but I realize I did not have that in my message so no way you would have known that.  I have found the information I need so all taken care of.  Thanks for the quick response anyway.