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    VMHBA "Unknown"

    Marmotte94 Enthusiast

      Hi guys,

      I have a problem with a FC card. One vmhba is offline and configured as LPORT. But in Qlogic Bios Utility all vmhba are configured in "point to point".


      I didn't find anything else on the ESXi configuration about this issue. Someone have an idea ?


      This card is a DualPort on HP Blade. The vmhba2 works fine but not vmhba1


      # esxcli storage san fc list

      Adapter : vmhba1

      DriverName : qlnativefc


      PortState : LINK DOWN

      PortType : LPORT


      Adapter : vmhba2

      DriverName : qlnativefc


      PortState : ONLINE

      PortType : NPORT


      Thank you,