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    Skype for Business and Audio Device Settings

    hmartin216 Enthusiast

      With the following, the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) and VMware Virtual Microphone (DevTap) devices are not available in Skype for Business:

      • Horizon 7.3.2 Connection Servers
      • Horizon Agent 7.3.2
      • macOS (10.13.5 in our case)
      • Horizon Client for Mac 4.7.0


      In this case, analog and USB headsets work fine, but Bluetooth headphones cannot be used.  Note that only AirPods were tested.


      Upgrading only the Horizon Client for Mac from v4.7.0 to v4.8.0 caused the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) and VMware Virtual Microphone (DevTap) to appear in the SfB Audio Device selection and the AirPods worked.  Great!


      Then we upgraded Horizon to v7.5.0 and, of course, upgraded Horizon Agent from v7.3.2 to v7.5.0.  Now we're back where we started: no VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) or VMware Virtual Microphone (DevTap) options in the SfB Audio Device selection.  What gives?  The AirPods work fine in Windows in all configurations (playback and mic).  When will this be fixed?  Are we just waiting for another update to the Horizon Client for Mac?