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    NSX, Openstack KVM

    benjamin000 Enthusiast



      We are going to experiment with setting up Openstack ( KVM ) and NSX using ESXi for Openstack network and controller VMs on ESXI ( vSphere ) and a dedicated KVM Openstack Compute node.


      I need to know if it is possible to use NSX-t to manage the network aspect of Openstack via the NSX plugin and connect a KVM hypervisor to NSX.


      I dont need to know how to do it as I have built a number of solutions with NSX but I just need to know if it is possible.


      Please note we do not intend to use ESXi for any Openstack services... all ESXi will be used for it running the neutron VM and other services and ONLY have KVM compute servers connected via NSX.


      Should it be possble I shall provide an update here with the outcome.