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    Getting Storage back from deleted VMs

    nzeagle Lurker

      I am using vSphere ESXi 6.0.  The computer that houses the Virtual machines has a total of 1.8TB, with only 22 GB showing available.  I have deleted several of the Inventory machines i created and currently are using 300GB for the machines that are still active.  How do I make it so it shows the true storage available?





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          1. Check the VM datastore manually. Do you see any of the deleted VM's folders ? If yes, delete them.

          2. Check the snapshot on existing VMs. If not required, remove them and consolidate the VM.

          3. Perform unmap on datastore to reclaim VMFS deleted blocks. If you are not sure how, use Google.

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            Vikas_VM Novice

            Hi Tim,


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            Please check for Snapshots, check the datastore and delete the unnecessary folder n files, refresh the datastore, hope this will give you what you want.



            Vikas Khurana

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              Gaganpreets Lurker
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              Greeting's from VMware.

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              Please share the information and output for the command below


              1) Virtual size

              2) Disk size / Type (Thick or Thin)

              3) Datastore - vmfs5 - 6 or nfs

              4) .ssh to the host run the command and share the out.

              df -h (Datastore utilization) on which is running

              Run du -ah with virtual machine folder and share the output.



              Awaiting for the Reply.