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    Unable to hide a column of the scripting object.

    nimeshjain Lurker


      I am using the model driven arch type for developing a plugin. I have a scripting object(finder) that implements the interface findable. I have a property in it that i want to hide in the right panel of the inventory. I am unable to do it. I do see in the generated vso.xml show-in-column as true. I believe if this is made as false it would not display. I want this not to be shown in the right panel although i would be calling the method from the scripting object. Any help and guidance would be helpful.

      Here is the sample generated vso.xml file:



              <finder type="conn" datasource="main-datasource" image="images/zerto.png" java-class="com.ibm.o11n.plugin_gen.Connection_Wrapper" script-object="conn">

                  <id accessor="getInternalId()"/>



                      <property name="userName" display-name="userName" bean-property="userName" show-in-column="true" show-in-description="true"></property>

                      <property name="password" display-name="password" bean-property="password" show-in-column="true" show-in-description="true"></property>

                      <property name="name" display-name="name" bean-property="name" show-in-column="true" show-in-description="true"></property>

                      <property name="url" display-name="url" bean-property="url" show-in-column="true" show-in-description="true"></property>







      specifically i do not want the password above to be shown in the right panel in the inventory tab.


      thanks in advance.