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    VM Workstation 10 on Win 7 Ultimate 64 - Freezes Up

    scottb428 Lurker

      Hello VM community,


      I'm a couple days into attempting to reset a VM for an existing workstation. My original ran well for several years when recently the  Workstation wouldn't start.


      I've been through the forums here and cleaned up a lot; multiple attempts at uninstalling, clearing reg values, optimizing HD, reinstalling etc.


      I can now start and run the WS for a bit before it locks up with an error - logs attached.


      Note the Host runs on it's own HD

      c: (NTFS on drive 0) *1024.10 GB747.61 GB free

      and I've created the workstation on a separate, dedicated 1TB HD.

      i: (NTFS on drive 4)960.06 GB798.55 GB free



      Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601.24468)

      3.05 gigahertz Intel Core i7 950

      64 kilobyte primary memory cache

      256 kilobyte secondary memory cache

      8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache

      64-bit ready

      Multi-core (4 total)

      Hyper-threaded (8 total)



      The errors keep occurring (In Log file) which I believe is the source of the freeze but I'm not sure how to fix; solutions indicate a size issue but I have alot of space on these drives.


      Thanks for any help - this is my work drive and I am a telecommuter so pretty important that I get this resolved.


      Scott B