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    NSX-T manager "Role-Based Access Control" per Tier 0/1 router?

    ChrisOk Novice



      NSX-T manager supports Role-Based Access Control



      • Network Engineer
      • Security Engineer
      • Security Operations
      • Load Balancer Administrator
      • Load Balancer Auditor
      • VPN Administrator
      • Guest Introspection Administrator


      What I´m actually looking for is to limit the access to specific edge routers, e.g.:


      • User A is "Network Engineer" for "Tier-0 router A" and "Load Balancer Administrator" for "Tier-1 router A"
      • User B is "VPN Administrator" for "Tier-1 router B"


      Is this possible? Via API, with vIDM or whatever any other additional VMware product?

      Any other idea would be a great help, too.