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    ESXi 6.7 U1 realtime performance gaps/lost

    franvicente Lurker



      I'm having random problems with ESX performance charts. From the point of view of the ESXi server they appear as lost, and from the vCenter they show gaps on the daily report.

      2019-01-08 15_08_56-Greenshot image editor - Copy.png


      I've checked all the suggestions on VMware Knowledge Base KB: 1003878 but without success. The vpxa.log and hostd.log didn't show any error at the point where the performance chart was lost.


      The vCenter cluster is composed by 3 Dell R730 servers, all o them with the same ESXi image and the same load, but the problem happens frequently on two of them (more than 10 times each day), and rarely on the third (once a day). It happens


      Anybody knows how to fix it?


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