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    How do I add a description to scheduled workflow?

    just70 Lurker


      Here is some code that will schedule a workflow with the specified ID. In this case, it's just passing in one parameter, hostname. It's scheduling the workflow according to the "date" parameter.


      My question is, is there a way to pass in a schedule description? Or even a name? In the screenshot below, I manually updated the schedule description to contain "test", but I'd like to pass in a description (or name) in an automated fashion. I appreciate any help!


      var workflowToLaunch = Server.getWorkflowWithId("41392622-b385-4124-9b9b-15a99ddb794c");

      if (workflowToLaunch == null) {

      throw "Workflow not found";



      var workflowParameters = new Properties();


      var scheduledTask = workflowToLaunch.schedule(workflowParameters,date);