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    VSANDatastore ZERO Storage available

    insearchof Hot Shot

      VMWARE 6.5

      VSAN First timer here be patient


      I changed the MTU settings to 9000


      My VSANDatastore appeared with Zero storage.


      Then it showed 8 TB


      I posted this before with no luck


      I need help on why does the vsan data store continue to loose the storeage?


      In my cluster I have one host that has a warning on it and wondering if this could be the cause


      The warning message is

      The host is in a VSAN cluster but does not have a vsan service enabled


      Have that question posted also no luck with answer on that one either.




      Any one out there that knows what I can do?


      Need help


      Thank you



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          sk84 Expert

          First, if no one replied to the old post anymore, why do you think a new post is more helpful?

          Second: Maybe you should read the answers in your old post again. There are some answers there which are related to your problem. But you just don't want or can't understand them...


          For reference: VSAN Datastore ZERO

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            insearchof Hot Shot



            What answers ?


            That was for the initial time I had zero storage


            AS I posted my response on there that the MTU settings allowed the datstore to get the storage


            But it continues to reset back to zero.


            I was able to create folder on the datastore even when it said it had zero.


            Why does it display zero?


            Can I write my syslog from a host to that datastore? I was trying but it was at zero not sure if that was the problem or not.


            Help is needed here.

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              sk84 Expert

              What answers


              They provided no advise or solutions

              Another proof that you didn't really read our answers...


              One advice was not to change the MTU somewhere if you don't know what you're doing. You did it and your last vmkping command showed 100% packet loss. So there seems to be something wrong with your MTU settings somewhere.

              Another advice was that you better not use vSAN 6.5/6.6, but should try ESXi 6.0 because your hardware is too old for the new vSAN versions and simply not supported. This can lead to unpredictable behavior (for example, it might work one moment and not the next).

              But I honestly don't feel like dealing with it anymore. Because you just try something on good luck without considering the answers from other people and without doing a complete error analysis.

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                insearchof Hot Shot

                Hey experts


                Explain this


                When I look at the Data stores the VSAN Data store shows ZERO available.


                But when I browse the file on the vsan data store


                1. I see the files and folders.

                2  I can create more folders


                Any thoughts?