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    View Agent and RDSH and mapped drives

    bma_it Lurker

      We use an accounting software where backend is SQL and all necessary files are located on a network share, users would need that folder mapped with a specific drive letter in order to use the application.


      I have application installed on RDS server, in my evaluation of Horizon 7, I noticed that when I installed view agent on the RDS server and log onto that server that particular mapped drive would have a red x over it as if it is disconnected, however if you double click it, you can access the shared drive, Having the Red X on the mapped drive then prevents me from either adding the application to application pool or application would be published with errors when attempting to run it. All other mapped drives would show up as normal.


      If I uninstall View agent on RDS server, the mapped drive appears as normal and program works as normal.


      When I launch a desktop from desktop pool the drive maps as normal and I can access the program without issues.


      Grateful for any assistance.