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      • 15. Re: Error upgrade to VCSA 6.7
        Nodnarb Novice

        Thanks! Once the "Shutting down source VM" message appeared in the upgrade wizard I disconnected the old vCenter's network adapter through a VMware Remote Console session I started via the ESXi host client. Worked great and my new "upgrade" VM was able to carry on.

        • 16. Re: Error upgrade to VCSA 6.7
          campbj70 Lurker

          I also repeadedly got the error  "....duplicate address check for IPv4 address a.b.c.d" and tried many options but what seemed to work for me was to use the FQDN rather than the IP address for the existing 6.5 vcenter appliance. I also gave the 6.7 target a static IP address having used a dynamic DHCP address in my unsuccessful attempts. I also told it to install on the FQDN of the existing vcenter appliance rather than the IP address of a host.

          • 17. Re: Error upgrade to VCSA 6.7
            chendemo Lurker

            版本:6.7.0 u1

            问题:执行这个命令,arping -D -I $DEV -c 2 $IPADDR, 发现该ip地址被占用了,虽然ping不通


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