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    Unable to install apps within Provisioning Mode

    Nick_A671 Novice

      Hello all,


      Currently trying to implement App Volumes for the first time in our environment. After quite a few hiccups, was able to install App Volumes Manager, created a provisioning machine (cloned from VDI golden image), installed the App Volumes Agent on the provisioning machine, as well as created our first Appstack (for testing purposes).


      As of now, we are at a standstill when trying to install any applications within provisioning mode.


      When installing the latest version of Firefox, on the "Where do you want to place this file" screen, the default is the C:\ProgramData folder. We leave the default in place and click Next, but receive an error immediately after showing, "You don't have access to write to the installation directory. Click OK to select a different directory." We are able to continue the install by selecting the personal "My Documents" folder of the admin account, but that wouldn't follow VMware best practices in capturing applications.


      When attempting to install Notepad++, after choosing a language, we receive a pop-up showing, "Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\NPPExport\NPPExport.dll."



           -We are able to perform both of these installs flawlessly on the provisioning machine outside of provisioning mode, but only during provisioning mode, are we experiencing these issues.

           -Removed the Horizon View Agent as well as McAfee Agent. Was unable to remove McAfee DLP Endpoint, McAfee Endpoint Security Platform, and McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention         due to password/key requirements to uninstall (would have to request those from separate IT shop.

            Seeing as how we were able to install the programs outside of provisioning mode, I'll assume that these McAfee products are not involved with the issues inside of provisioning mode (could very         well be wrong though)



      Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!