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    Corrupt Datastore errors on specific VDisk on a SAN

    Eric4381 Novice

      We have older SAN's that have 3-4 Vdisks running our VMware environment and I noticed event errors on a single Datastore (Vdisk):

      At least one corrupt on-disk lock was detected on volume


      (adm-san1_Vdisk2_V03 - Adm-Vid1). Other regions of the

      volume might be damaged too.


      6/13/2019 11:33:11 AM



      Now at first it was only one datastore and then I started to notice a few others, all associated with one LARGE VM that held video footage that we need. All these datastores track back to the same SAN AND same Vdisk group in that SAN.

      I tried to use VOMA to check and fix to no avail. I am not sure how to fix this without loosing any data.


      Has anyone seen this?



      ESX 5.5 u3

      2 Clusters

      16 Hosts

      33 Datastores