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    Win10 v1609 Writable volume can't function on Win10 v1703

    rcscott44 Novice

      We have been running App Volumes 2.13.2 for about 2 months stably.  We have Win10 v1607 Instant Clone pools and our users all have Writable Volumes with (UIA + Profile).  Everything is working fine.   Now, I am building a Win10 v1703 because MS says they are no longer supporting build 1607.  Half of my existing AppStacks function properly on 1703, but any Stack that has a licensed MS app on it fails to run correctly (almost always errors with licensing reg keys)  Making a fresh AppStack on a 1703 capture machine solve the issue as expected.


      Here is the issue.  A user who has an existing Writable Volume cannot log into the v1703 pool at all.  The connection is made, but the VDI displays a permanent black screen.  If I provide a clean writable to the user, it all works normally.  Is there any way to migrate the Writable Volumes from 1607 to 1709?  Having to re-initialize users on 100 profiles would be a major impact.