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        Bledenash Lurker

        This works for me to.


        Thanks for writing this solution.




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          roconnor Enthusiast



          Thanks a million for posting this, (shame the original poster didn't give you the points)

          We had this on our semi production enviroment and you saved me a call to support.


          In my case I think this came from modifing the vm from the vmrc client through the html5 web



          A couple of heads ups

          When runing the select command the ip address is that of the host, so it's easy to find where the vms is located



          VCDB=# select v.id, v.local_file_name, h.IP_ADDRESS FROM VPX_VM v, VPX_NIC n, VPX_HOST h WHERE v.id=n.entity_id and v.host_id=h.id and n.network_name='';


          id  |                                  local_file_name                                                                               |  ip_address


          608 | /vmfs/volumes/5953bbbb7-05cbbb38-82f4-00bbbfafb56/NTvmXXXX/NTvmXXXX.vmx    |

          (1 row)



          It wasn't possible to modify the vm, so we created a local vSwitch and port group and the vm assigned itself to that


          thanks again


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            lmaxfield Lurker

            TLDR; If you have any v5.x Host Profiles, delete them.


            We recently upgraded our v5.5 Windows vCenter with embedded SSO to a v6.5 vCSA with an external PSC. Everything seemed stable until we updated our ESXi hosts to v6.5, at which point interacting with the hosts in the Flash client (at least this seemed to be the most reliable trigger) would cause the vpxd service to crash.


            None of the fixes in this thread worked for us, but a VMware tech stopped by today and we informed her that we were having this problem. She immediately told us to delete our v5.x Host Profiles, as they had recently seen this problem at another site. We had one v5.x Host Profile, and deleted it. After some testing, deleting the Host Profile appears to have resolved our vpxd service crashes.

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              geojen Lurker

              This solved my problem as well

              I was still waiting for VMWare support to come back to me and found this page

              It seems that vCenter is a little delicate if it is completely stopped with some bad data

              The cause of it for me was an ip address conflict between a VM guest and VM Host on different site to the vCenter server

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                Tottom Novice

                A colleague got this solution for at least improving web client performance.


                Manually increasing the heap memory on vCenter Server components in vCenter 6.x (2150757)



                hope it reduces the frustration of using the web client.

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                  Raj1988 Enthusiast

                  vpxd is crashing because of duplicate id's  in VCDB. Connect to VCDB and remove the duplicate one's.


                  /var/log/vmware/vpostgres/postgresql.log would provide the duplicate id.



                  UTC 583a9c81.5814 127750 VCDB vc ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_vpx_vm_virtual_device"

                  UTC 583a9c81.5814 127750 VCDB vc DETAIL: Key (id, device_key)=(361, 3002) already exists.


                  DELETE FROM vc.vpx_vm_virtual_device where id='361' and device_key='3002'; 

                  replace the id with the one's from logs.




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