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    Windows XP x86 hangs all the time

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      So I was making system images (wim) the other day and I said why not sysprep XP SP3 x86? I got my disk up and tried to install it on VMware Workstation Pro 15. But one small problem, the installation keeps hanging at Setup is starting Windows. I've tried everything and looked for solutions online to find nothing. I've removed drives that XP 32-bit didn't support, lowered compatibility and tried lower VMware Workstation versions (even 6) but nothing would change. It kept on hanging at Setup is starting Windows no matter whatever I've done. I've tried changing IDE, SCSI or SATA but none would solve the problem. But when I go to XP-64bit SP2 it installs just fine and works very well. The main question is: Why can't I get the 32bit one to work? I don't want SP2 with lowered application support and SP3 is only x86, it hangs. I've got no solutions on the web that worked so that's why I'm posting it here. How can I fix this thing because it's starting to get very annoying, I even left it on overnight and slept. 9 hours later, I woke up and turned on my monitor, looked at the VM window but to no avail, it was still frozen at Setup is starting Windows.

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          Are you using an antivirus product at the host?


          Is it perhaps Avast, BitDefender or AVG antivirus?


          If so then read this:

          XP VM suddenly slow, Win 7 fine




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