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    LogInsight - importing logs from NFS archive

    ludz1 Novice

      Hi Folks, I have log files archived to an archive NFS share, I need to retrieve log files from a specific date.

      I've spun up a new LogInsight appliance, do I need to enable archiving and add the nfs share to the new LI appliance first?

      Then once connected to it via ssh, can I retrieve a specified subset of logs from one date? I don't need to retrieve everything from the archive. If I do I will need a huge amount of storage on the temporary appliance.

      (/usr/lib/loginsight/application/bin/loginsight repository import Path-To-Archived-Log-Data-Folder.)

      If this is possible, does that recovered data need to be "re-archived" ?




      I've gone through (https://sflanders.net/2015/07/01/log-insight-system-architecture-part-3-archiving/?unapproved=24760&moderation-hash=d04b… )