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    Span a Virtual Machine across two Physical Servers

    MABcisco Lurker

      How can I span a Virtual Machine across two physical servers?


      Each server is a Poweredge R230 with CPU(4 cores, 8 threads), 64GB RAM, a dual 10Gb/s PCIe Ethernet adapter.


      These two servers will be connected together by dual 10Gb/s Ethernet (20Gb/s aggregated throughput ethernet connection)



      The virtualization Hypervisor used will only be one of the following:

      1.  Oracle Virtualbox

      2.  Microsoft Hyper V

      3.  VMware vSphere ESXi


      Thank you.

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          IRIX201110141 Master

          If you mean with "spanning" that a VM could allocate ressources from both servers than this is impossible with all 3 products.


          There is VMware FT which "mirrors" the VM in realtime to the other host, but this is for BC reasons.



          BTW, the old IRIX OS which runs on SGI Origin Servers was a single Image OS which was able to "span" over all connected ressources.