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    vRA appliance API and cli

    alexander_d Novice


      Is there any API or CLI reference guide available to vRA 7.3 VAMI?

      All a found is: https://VAMI-FQDN:5480/config REST api commands.

      And some cli commands in /usr/lib/vcac/tools/vami/commands

      But that's not enought for me

      I'd like to retrieve the following information from the appliance:

      - internal PSQL database status (conection status, which node hosts master and replica, what is the status and sync state)

      - in the cluster tab there is an info about last connected state to the cluster components. I can get the components list and it's states from REST API, but not the data about last connection

      - SSO conectivity can be taken from system health test , but i wonder how to query it directly.

      Also I'll be really appreciated for any CLI guide (or blogpost) for performing health checks.