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    Powero off the vRealize Log Insight

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      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Log-Insight/4.8/com.vmware.log-insight.administration.doc/GUID-9657E462-53E5-4755-852B-FD6CF4F5C37C.html

      Topic Name : Power Off the vRealize Log Insight Virtual Appliance

      Publication Name : Administering vRealize Log Insight

      Product/Version : vRealize Log Insight/4.8

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      i see in the document that text: To avoid data loss when powering off a vRealize Log Insight master or worker node, you must power the node off by following a strict sequence of steps.  but the cuestion is, WHAT is the "strict sequence of steps." i dont see a KB that mention that steps CLEARLY. Can you provide me that steps?  Can you help me with that information and the KB if that exists??