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    Correcting errors during SAP HANA 20 Express edition installation

    Modiva Lurker

      I am trying to install a virtual machine for ‘SAP HANA 20 express edition’ using VMware workstation 15. The original guide suggested using version 12. The attached log shows errors found during installation. The ova image and associated files have already been downloaded from SAP site to drive D: which has more than adequate capacity. I am using windows 10 laptop with 16GB RAM (8-12GB recommended). But there is one item in the guide I’m not sure about: How important is Intel setting chipset virtualization?. Unfortunately, when I access BIOS there is no mention of Intel chipset virtualization item listed. How do I correct this?

      The start of the attached installation log shows missing config.ini files in multiple directories. Is creating an empty text files called config.ini in each of those directories a valid solution? And I don’t have any clue about the errors listed at the end of the log file JPG2, when the laptop just hangs when it’s trying to install tools. The last few lines on the installation screen are:



      Login to XSA services.

      ……cockpit app to start.


      The “Installation success” message is never seen!

      I would appreciate any help toward resolving this issue.