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    MS patching issues on Horizon Instant Clone

    anothervsphereuser Novice

      Hello All


      I am currently running Horizon 7.6.   I am using Windows 10 LTSB build 1607 for my desktop pool.


      My windows 10 template has no software other than the base OS installed in it.  I am using AppVolumes and Thinapp to provide users applications.

      Here is my issue

      Each month I need to apply the new Windows 10 LTSB patches to my template.  So I power it on, connect to windows update and let it install any patches it finds.  Then I shut down the template, take a snapshot and push the new image to the pools.   The problem I have is that nearly every month (not always though) something with SSL gets broken in windows.  I can tell this two ways, we use SAP and if I try to connect to the SAP web portal using IE, I get this  (note, this does not happen when i use Chrome)


      And also if i try to run my vsphere client thinapp, i get this.


      I thought I had this narrowed down to being caused by Adobe Flash patches, but this month I did not apply any flash patches and I still have this issue.

      I'm not sure what other functionality this may affect.


      Just though I would run this past the forum to see if anyone has experienced this...before I open cases with Vmware and Microsoft.