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    Application management in real-time

    LeventeM Lurker

      Dear Community!


      I have a theoretical question about application pools (Sorry if it has been asked already).

      So, the situation is this: we have created an application pool for our end users to access from the Horizon client or the HTML access. In the pool we have like 6 app already up and running all of them are the same. I can’t really get into details about the apps, but in the “real life” they are all software terminals a physical machine, all of them running the same program waiting for a user to access it and “locking” it down so other users can’t access it and must use another terminal.

      There is a specific user group who will access these apps (we have already given the entitlements for them), right now they can see and access one of them or multiple.

      So, my question is this: is there a way that if user1 logs in see all the 6 apps in the pool he/she chooses like app1 – after that user2 logs in and him/her can’t see app1 in the pool because it’s already in use so then he/she chooses app2. After that user3 logs in, can’t see app1 and 2 but at that moment user1 logs out so app1 comes back up on the list for every user so it can be used by user3 or others and so on.

      In short: is there a way for giving and removing entitlements in real-time or (if you can’t hide and unhide in a few seconds) is there some way you can give the users a feedback at the time they log in: that XY app is in used so choose another. Or other solution for app management for end user experience.

      Thank you in advance for an answer.