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    Find linux box

    fborges555 Enthusiast

      Hi Gurus


      has anyone here have a PScli that I can use to find Linux box and its adapter type , that I can use.



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          LucD Guru
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          Do you the VMware Tools installed on your VMs?
          Which adapter, storage or network?

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            daphnissov Guru
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            Please explain better what you mean. No idea what you're asking for.

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              fborges555 Enthusiast



              The vast vm has VM tools install and I am looking at vmxnet3 adapter.


              I have windows vm and Linux vm on my cluster and I would like to run a ps so I can come up with a list of only Linux and what type of adapter they have


              Thanks L.

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                LucD Guru
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                Try something like this


                Get-VM |

                where{$_.ExtensionData.GuestFamily -ne 'windowsGuest'} |

                Select Name,


                   @{N='vNICType';E={(Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $_).Type -join '|'}}


                If you don't want to rely on the VMware Tools and you are sure that all your VMs were configured with the correct GuestId, you could do


                Get-VM |

                where{$_.GuestId -notmatch 'windows'} |

                Select Name,


                   @{N='vNICType';E={(Get-NetworkAdapter -VM $_).Type -join '|'}}