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    GUI based tool for executing invoke-vmscript

    vin01 Hot Shot

      I am trying to develop a front end application(GUI) using powershell  but I am not clear from where to start. Can someone please suggest any tools or blogs if already exists.

      Or if any existing opensource applications for vMware Vms guestos management which can work using vmwaretools as a communication agent.

      Scenario: In an environment I need to perform multiple operations inside the guest OS. To achieve this I am using vmware tools as agent for all the communications. The invoke-vmscript cmdlet which is succeeded almost in all operations which I executed. So my thought is to design a simple GUI based tool which contains something like this.

      1. vCenter Name all the predefined vcenternames in a dropdownbox.

      2. User Name and Password in a text box.

      3. A combobox which contains a list of scripts which we can execute.

      4. A combobox with vmnames( In backend I will update RVtools report for daily which contains vmnames) If I select a specific vcenter in step one it will display list of vms resides on that vcenter). Once the vm is selected the script listed in step  3 will execute.

      5. Status bar which will show the out put of the executed script.