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    Verify LUN's from Window end

    SK90 Novice

      Gents, I have a situation there are 5 100GB LUN's I see currently offline from Windows end in disk management. Storage team shares me 5 NAA details to verify.  2 NAA ID LUN's of 100GB need to remove from server. Is there any way I can verify which disk belongs to which NAA ID from Windows end. Storage team not able to catch that.


      Server - HP Proliant

      OS - W2K8 R2

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          jburen Hot Shot

          When you look at the disks that are configured for the VM you should be able to see the Virtual Device Node information. If I have a VM with two disks I could see SCSI(0:0) Hard disk 1 and SCSI(0:1) Hard disk 2. Inside the guest OS I can look at the disk properties and check the location. For my VM I could see Bus Number 0, Target Id 1, LUN 0 for my second disk.


          But when you talk about NAA ID's I suspect you use RDMs. Is that correct? If so, you can look at the Physical LUN that is used for the disk and the corresponding SCSI path. I have a server with a RDM where the SCSI path is SCSI(1:2). Inside the guest OS that was the disk with Bus Number 0, Target Id 2. So the target ID matches. But what about the Bus number? That was 0... Yes, but the Location in Windows was 256 and that corresponds to an additional controller...


          For more info check this out: http://www.50mu.net/2014/03/12/how-to-translate-windows-disk-ids-to-storage-arrays-luns/