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    Licensing clarification - Distributed Switch

    andvm Enthusiast

      Following a vSAN cluster trial license and full setup cluster/hosts I did the following:


      Apply Standard vSAN license to cluster

      Then I tried to apply a Standard ESXi license to a host (within the same cluster) and a warning shows up with Standard license limitations, one of them is Distributed Switch not supported.

      Isn't the Distributed Switch already available as the vSAN license has already been applied at the cluster level?

      Will this cause an impact if the ESXi is using the Distributed Switch and the standard license is applied?


      Want to make sure that a ESXi license change (from trial to Standard) does not cause any impact to VM's in above scenario since connected to the Distributed Switch.



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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          It shouldn't cause an issue because the license will not be accepted if there are features in use above those for which the license is entitled. vSAN does entitle you to use a vDS, so not sure why you'd be getting that warning if you have a valid license applied (unless expired, maybe).

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            pragg12 Hot Shot



            I have a similar setup where vCenter and ESXi has standard license and we have applied vSAN license to the cluster but I haven't received such message before and the setup with vDS is working fine.

            Maybe it's normal and you won't face issue while working with vDS and vSAN. Have you tried adding the host in vDS and faced any issue ?

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              andvm Enthusiast

              Yes that is my understanding that applying a Standard License to an ESXi which is part of a vSAN cluster (with Standard vSAN license) should not list the Distributed Switch as unsupported. Because of this warning I was worried it might all of a sudden disconnect the host from the Distributed Switch and causing connectivity issues to underlying VM's