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    Issue related on Vmware ESXi

    Man_1986 Lurker

      esxi on vmware.PNGesxi on vmware 2.PNGesxi on web browser.PNG


      Good afternoon,


      I am testing the vmware ESXi, i have installed on the VMWARE as a virtual machine at the final step i tested the password and match all right, but when i tried to enter on the ESXi through the browser appeared the message that the pass is not correct.

      The pass is right because i can access the setting on the VMWARE, additionally i noted the address on the browser is tagged as a non secure place, i am not sure but that could be blocking the pass.


      i send som images on the VMware and the browser.


      thanks in advance for your help,



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          continuum Guru
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          We see this quite often during last few days ....
          Check Unable to login with "root" user after changing the password
          and report your results.

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            Man_1986 Lurker

            Hello Continuum,


            i have reinstalled the esxi sw again and  change the pass on the esxi, but the issue has no solution.

            i can access to the vmware sw but i can not access to the web browser.


            I attached you a picture of the issue, i have highlighted the security warning for additional information


            Please your advice.


            Thanks so much,


            Manuel Avellaneda


            after change pass.PNG

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              VMwaretester001 Novice



              The https error you are seeing will not be the cause of your issue, it is because of VMware generating a self-signed certificate. If you have your own SSL certificate, you can upload this (provided it isnt self-signed) then this error will go away. Its nothing to be worried about.


              I would personally wait a little bit, have a brew of coffee, tea or something stronger if past 5pm as it can sometimes take a little while for the change of password to be reconsigned through the entire system. Its common for it to happen to me on 6.7 U2 when updating the root password.

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                Man_1986 Lurker

                Hello VMwaretester001 ,


                As you mention Vmware generate a self-signed certificate, i need to ask you if for not interrupting this process the PC must be on line all the time?

                i never mention before but you have to know that this esxi sw is running on a Virtual machine i shutdown before go to bed.


                today When i arrived to home i turned on the PC and test again the esxi virtual machine and have the same issue: "


                but the same i tested on the virtual machine it self and can acces with the pass i changes yesterday night.


                Thanks in advance for your kind support



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                  abewong111 Lurker

                  Hello Continuum,






                  另一种方案就是通过SSH连接到ESXi camand-line 模式,手动启动或重启相关服务。可能会解决这个问题。


                  just wait 。

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                    VMwaretester001 Novice

                    Hi Manuel,


                    I have just tried this out in my lab, it looks like 6.7U2 might have an issue where when you reboot it, it can some times at a while for the Web UI to allow root users in.


                    This isn't something I can fix and its not something I think most people are going to run into as people hardly reboot their EXSi nodes. My only recommendation is that if you do power the VM or machine off, is to know that its going to take you a little while before you can log in as root. But don't let that stop you from turning the machine off. Just be aware that's all


                    Hope that helps

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                      vXav Hot Shot

                      Have you checked your keyboard binding?

                      I had the issue a few times with some annoying out of band cards or exotic keyboards.

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                        Man_1986 Lurker

                        Hi VMwaretester001,


                        please could you explain with more detail how could i acces the ESXi sw for managing the virtual machines.

                        i understood  that i need to power off the machine and in that moment i could login as a root.

                        Another question since you mention the version 6.7 is the one that presents problems, do you think will better maybe with a lower version.

                        I really appreciate all the help you can provide me so i can continue the vm course i am taking.


                        Thanks in advance,



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                          Man_1986 Lurker

                          Hi vXav,


                          I also tried with the keybord binding, but this not work.





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                            VMwaretester001 Novice

                            Hi Man_1986,


                            There are lots of manuals and videos online to help guide you through accessing the web UI to manage VMs.


                            You can try 6.5 but if your course is centred around 6.7 then going down a version isn't going to be of help, as there maybe wont be features or things in the same place in say 6.5 as there is in 6.7.


                            If your having issues with the VM when you power it on, after doing a full shut down, you could try a suspend. That way the machine is in a sleep state, but you dont have to reboot it. Other than that, your just have to plan for the time it takes for the services to restart themselves on reboot. Its something I have to plan for when I do maintenance on my hosts. As I have no way around it atm.