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    vSphere 6 - vMotion across clusters if Host is down in one of the clusters

    GiulianoAI Lurker

      Hello there,


      it would be great if all could help me understand, so we have this virtualization topology with 3 clusters and several hosts that reside in the cluster as shown below. On Cluster 2 all of the hosts resource CPU and particularly Memory is already reached near our threshold usage (68%) which is set at 70-80% Warning and 90% Critical.


      The question is, what if one of the hosts in Cluster 2 is down and does the VMs can migrate it across other clusters (Cluster 1 or Cluster 3)? and what happens if one of the host memory usages reached 90% of its memory capacity does the host is still operational with decrease performance or the host is failure because can't handle all of the VM load?


      Thanks in advanced.


      vCenter Host.png