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      on our ESX Servers we have running a HP SIM Agent, which sends SNMP Traps if something fails. Now on the ESXi I guess I'm not able to install this agent. Is there a possibility to get informed when something happens e.g. a harddrive fails ? Maybe an email is send ?



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          madda Expert

          With ESXi there isn't a service console, so there isn't anywhere to install host agents.


          If you use VirtualCenter, then that can be setup to send notifications (SNMP/emails etc) for the hosts it manages.

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            Schaedle Enthusiast

            We have a VirtualCenter running. But like I know you need a license for it and we have only one. But the ESXi server shall run in our DMZ, so I would need an additional VirtualCenter license or I should open a firewall port. Both does not make me happy. Which firewall port do I have to open in which direction ?

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              madda Expert

              I should say that if you are using the free version of ESXi you will need to purchase a license to have VirtualCenter to manage it.  Between ESX and the VC you only need to default host agent port open, which is open by default (902)

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                Sorry I meant not a firewall of the ESX I meant a dedicated firewall. Like you told it's port 902 I guess TCP but for the direction I have no idea. Is it from the VC to ESXi or the other one ?



                Like I told we have a license for VC for our four ESX servers. Am I able / allowed to connect the free ESXi to this existing and licensed VC ?






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                  madda Expert

                  Its a UDP port


                  I am not quite sure about the direction, but I am quite sure that it will be bi-directional as settings are applied to VMs and performance info goes to VC, so that makes sense.


                  You should be able to point the ESXi server to your license server, and if it finds a valid license, it should allow you to manage it

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                    Schaedle Enthusiast

                    Thanks a lot, for your information. I'll do some testing the next weeks

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                      SK90 Novice

                      Of course this thread is very old, but can anyone suggest me solution of below points


                      1. Do I need to install HP MIB's on HP SIM server"

                      2. What is the link to download MIB's for HP Proliant G7 8 9 10

                      3. Do I need to install HP SIM agent on each windows/Linux physical machine or configuring only SNMP Trap is good.

                      4. What is the link for SIM agent download?