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    Issues jumping between Pools ??  Anyone else ? Writables .

    Douglas42Adams Novice

      Hi ,


      As we have been setting up our environment.. it is starting to feel like Writables don't really like us jumping from Pool to Pool .


      Anybody else think that ?


      We have a 'Normal Floater Win 10 pool'  a "Test Pool" and a vGPU pool.


      We have ONE base image that was originally created.. then we Cloned it for the other two pools ( test.. and vGPU ) .


      We have it set so if the Wrtiable is showing mounted on a users computer.. it will Not allow them to log into a different one .


      This is more of a 'hunch'.. i don't have any direct evidence to support this.


      It's just feeling like we have to Delete Wrritables and User App Profiles way too often than what i would gather is 'normal '.


      thanks ,