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    DVS - 2 native vlans (vmkernels)

    jurko51 Lurker

      Hello guys,


      Currently I am working on nexus1k switch migration to Vmware Distributed switch.


      It is going well but i am struggling with one issue.


      On Nexus I have 2 uplink port groups with 2 native vlans.


      Unfortunately i am not able to migrate 2 uplink portgroups (total ports 56) with 2native vlans. All other ports were migrated successfully.

      Just one uplink port group was migrated with one native vlan (vmkernel) but second uplink port group was not migrated and native vlan (vmkernel) from nexus was migrated as standard vlan with ID xxxx not 0.


      1. Is it possible to have 2 native vlans (vmkernels) on DVS or this is not allowed?

      2. Any idea how to add it?


      Thank you so much.